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Case study:
Walk In Clinic Bahamas

Walk In Clinic Bahamas Walk In Clinic at 35 Collins Ave, Nassau

The Walk In Clinic was founded more than 20 years ago and now has centres at 3 separate locations on New Providence. It was set up with a view to offering accessible and affordable walk in medical services to patients and is staffed by qualified doctors, registered nurses and pharmacists, certified laboratory technicians and imaging personnel working together to provide the best in patient care.

With their mission to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of their patients and a growing business that required technology investment, Walk In Clinic approached BGC. BGC updated their infrastructure and wide area network to enable secure and effective sharing and maintenance of patient records and data, allowing Walk In Clinic to focus on caring for their patients without worrying about old equipment with limited functionality and complex management requirements.

“BCG helped us to make significant cost savings and deliver an immediate improvement in service to our users and staff” said senior executives. “Our branches can now securely share critical information and monitor and respond to the needs of the community. We are able to focus on our goals of promoting better physical and mental health, safe in the knowledge that our systems are able to support us in delivering the customer experience our patients deserve”

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