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IP Telephony

With Avaya distribution rights for The Bahamas, BGC Limited has the largest install base of the non-government owned telephony systems purveyors. Boasting a range of models from traditional, robust digital switches to industry leading IP solutions, international corporations such as Scotiabank, Franklin Templeton and Hilton hotels are at the head of the list of companies we support. (In addition, we are frequently called upon to provide technical support for telephone systems produced (and often not supported) by other manufacturers.)

Our call accounting and call recording solutions range from basic to enterprise level systems for all requirements. These are augmented by call centre expertise second to none in the region.

Insurance Management Bahamas Insurance Management Bahamas Head Office, Nassau

Case study:
Insurance Management Bahamas

With over 30 years’ experience delivering a wide range of insurance products and services to its customers, Insurance Management is one of The Bahamas’ most respected insurance providers; dedicated to offering its customers a competitive, reliable and friendly service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

In 2015 Insurance Management asked local specialised systems integrator BGC to find a way to boost collaboration between its branches, reduce expensive telephony costs and improve business processes. BCG upgraded their infrastructure, and implemented an Avaya S8300 enterprise IP telephony system.

The new solution has transformed the way Insurance Management conducts business by providing them with more reliable voice and data operations between island offices. Claim assessments and submissions are processed securely and quickly, resulting in happier staff and customers. “Working with us has never been easier for our customers,” said the President and Director of Insurance Management. “BCG have been instrumental in partnering with us to streamline our operations so we can deliver an even better customer experience.

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