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In an island environment where people have to deal with a multitude of IT and voice/data communications issues, BGC helps clients by focusing only on the IT issues directly relating to a specific discipline. When clients have requirements outside that arena, BGC is able to select the best (local or global) partner, one that is similarly focused on the principle of core competency, so that both can jointly address the client's needs. This, in conjunction with guaranteed service response times and the company’s brand-independent business model, means that the solutions provided to its clients represent the best value available in the marketplace.

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= World-class Virtualization

As the proven leader in virtualization technology, VMware helps you free up limited resources and provides you with IT control and flexibility, enabling you to efficiently scale as your needs evolve and your business grows.

As the first VMware partner in The Bahamas, BGC Limited has the experience and expertise to help you make the most of virtualization technology: we've rolled it out to 3 of the country's largest financial services providers. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Global quality on New Providence!

BGC is pleased to announce that we are now a Premier certified Cisco channel partner. Excerpted from Cisco Systems, Inc. official notification – "This means that the company has complied with the Cisco certification procedure and is duly authorized to purchase Cisco products… as well as negotiate the terms and conditions of support and maintenance services on Cisco products, including warranties, in accordance with its Agreement with Cisco.

What does this mean to you? It means there is an organization in Nassau, Bahamas, that is authorized to provide global discount level pricing, warranty and SmartNet coverage, all at first world service levels. Thought you couldn’t get that in this little island nation? Think again!